Mecca Maxima madness spreads through the makeup masses in Wellington

Undertow Media was on the ground as the second Mecca Maxima was unleashed on the country’s capital city.

Taking ‘wake up and makeup’ to a whole new level, a masse sleepover featuring board games and very patient boyfriends saw beauty junkies wait 24 hours in line to ensure first access to the cult beauty juggernaut’s first North Island store. Read More

Beauty junkies beware; Mecca Maxima is on the loose in Christchurch

Undertow Media and Mecca Maxima change the face of the Garden City

Beauty junkies of all sorts; from media and influencers to consumers and celebrities were waiting with baited breath for the impending beauty explosion that saw NZ-firsts including Urban Decay and Too Faced descend on Christchurch. With word of the ultimate beauty playground spreading across the wake-up and make-up hotline, it was up to Undertow Media to get these trendsetters and beauty mavens on the ground. Read More