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Social media: The ones to watch

Instagram profiles of worth; Undertow Media does the stalking, so you don’t have to 

It’s our job to know who is in as well as who is on the rise and worth keeping on the radar. As such, we thought we would round up a hit-list of Instagram accounts we think are at the top of their game.

Find out which individuals, companies and collaborations are catching our eagle eyes at present.

Nailing the ‘brand page’ is @antipodes_water . We think this feed is one of the best representations of how a brand page should look. It’s clear, consistent and it is not overrun with product messages but it is still fundamentally all about its MO – that is, H20, purity and New Zealand. Bravo!

In the art sphere, accessible underground can be found in Andrew Steel’s ‘gram @andrewj.steel that expertly provides a glimpse into the artist that was ‘formerly half of BMD’’s latest projects, collaborations and evolving aesthetic.

The frontrunner for our ‘one to watch’ category goes to @seasonalkitchen who are churning out some of the most beautiful and accessible food photography we’ve seen in some time.

A new kid on the block, this feed is the brainchild of hairdressing wizard Hamilton Brooks, who is somewhat of a dab hand in the kitchen too. Get involved for inspirational takes on cooking in season that will save you a pretty penny too.

If connecting with the cool kids is on your agenda, look no further than @chloezara_ . With a pared back edit of all that is covetable, mostly monochrome and bang on trend. With just the right mix of hairspo (her MO as a hairdresser) and other elements of the good life, we recommend tuning in on the regular.

Lastly we wouldn’t be in PR if we didn’t do a shameless plug for our own gram @undertowmedia that provides a glimpse into all the goings on in the office and showcases what is on our varied clients’ agendas.

Get involved to keep up to date with who’s who and what’s what around town and the globe.