Better Burger NZ

Better Burger challenges punters to eat rubbish for Earth Day

Undertow Media and Better Burger create tasty campaign to shed light on fast food waste

Better Burger was created with all of the conveniences of a conventional fast food chain, but one that uses fresh, locally sourced ingredients and prides itself on its sustainable and environmentally-friendly packaging and practices.

The only fast food chain in all of Australasia with fully plant-based, compostable packaging, the Kiwi-owned and operated company needed to grab nationwide attention to announce the chain’s commitment to reducing fast food waste.

Earth Day proved a golden opportunity to promote Better Burger’s sustainable cred and Undertow Media’s concept to take compostable packaging to the extreme – by making it edible – was a newsworthy hook.

With a six-week lead time, Undertow Media researched and rigorously tested a number of edible packaging prototypes to find the winning solution.

Cue the company’s foray into national news… Better Burger took a stand for international Earth Day (Sunday 22nd April) by challenging its customers to eat everything on their plate, including the packaging, and it went down a treat.

Bespoke, Better Burger-branded, edible wrappers proved popular with media featuring on 1 News, The AM Show, Newstalk ZB, Radio Live and Herald on Sunday, amongst many others, ensuring countrywide attention for the chain and a healthy turnout on the day.

More than 500 customers were keen to take up the sustainable challenge, leaving the restaurant with empty bins and clean plates.

Better Burger has created a model that guarantees your fries were a potato 10 minutes ago, your locally made ‘honey’ bun was baked that morning and your patty was delivered fresh each day, with never a freezer in sight. Now, thanks to a very successful, topical media campaign, Kiwis know that as well as bloody good burgers, the packaging is better too.


  • 51 pieces of coverage (across TV, radio, online and social media)
  • Cumulative reach for the campaign was a whopping 6,485,591
  • More than 26 minutes of TV/radio airtime