Now you see it, now you don’t

The chameleon-like tv from Samsung that impresses design snobs and techies alike   

In a fiercely competitive category, with a multitude of products vying for the attention of trendsetters and tastemakers, how do you marry the needs of movie goers, our sporting obsessed, gamers and the design pedantic?

You take the new tech out of the jargon-sphere and bring it home into the living room – quite literally.

Kiwis want bigger and better TVs but they’re also demanding that their tech be easier on the eye and are starting to snub the big, black box dominating the room.

Enter Samsung’s brand new 2018 QLED range, which was developed with consumer home entertainment pain-points and desires in mind.  It’s tech you didn’t know you needed until you see it in the flesh.

These are the smart TVs dreams are made of – powerful gadgets that can transform the living room at the right time and fade into the wallpaper without interrupting the décor when not in use.

With the revolutionary ’ambient mode’ giving the black box the ability to blend chameleon-like into its surroundings, Undertow Media knew an event with media needed to be intimate and life-like to make the right impressions from a diverse crowd of architect types to gaming nerds that have graduated from scoffing Doritos in their basement.

Tasked with a tight four-week turnaround time, Undertow Media pulled together a complete overhaul of the Samsung showroom to convert the sleek tech-display centre into a home away from home.

Giving guests an immersive experience and showcasing the TVs in their natural environment, the team brought to life key passion-points of TV viewing – movies, gaming and sport – styled with premium home touches.

A highlight of the space was the top of the line Samsung Q9F displayed in a setting modelled after the discerning home gamer – a far cry from a teenage gaming den – with luxury furnishings, textured wallpaper, classy decorative accents, soundbar and the latest Xbox One X. Guests were astonished by the capabilities of the technology and how this enhances movie watching and gaming in the home.

Intimate and premium, the event gave media time to really get to know the products hands-on and ask ample questions of the experts in the room. Now a month after the event, Undertow Media is still clocking coverage. With more rolling in and a comprehensive review schedule kicking off, Samsung sales are leading the category and our whole team for one has started saving toward this impressive all-rounder.


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  • 100% attendance with a guest list of key lifestyle and tech media players in NZ
  • Generating cumulative reach of 2,555,569 to date