Meet the team: Shannon Pentecost

Self-confessed clean freak and Tom Yum Soup guru, Account Executive Shannon joined Undertow Media fresh off a jaunt overseas which saw her cut her teeth at Porsche in Dubai.

Working in such a fast-paced, high-energy environment has put Shannon in good stead to dive fearlessly into concepts, strategies and campaigns for her current clients. Shannon is a pro when it comes to seeking out opps and making new friends across both the traditional and influencer realms daily.

We caught up with Shannon to learn more about her loves and loathes.

  • Favourite client? Witchery!
  • What do you like on your pizza? Veges with plenty of seasoning
  • What makes a Kiwi summer? Weekends at the beach and camping road trips
  • Recent PR win? The 2018 Witchery White Shirt campaign! Getting Kanoa from The Project NZ to wear a shirt every day of the week has been a definite coup!
  • Most worn item in your wardrobe? My denim jeans
  • Tell us one random fact about yourself: I’m not a NZ citizen! I was born in Northern Ireland
  • Life motto? Never give up
  • Something you wish you were good at: I wish I was one of those yoga professionals that had amazing strength and could stand on their head
  • Secret talent? I played underwater hockey for five years
  • Signature dish? Thai broth or a Tom Yum!
  • What’s your favourite film genre? Totally mood dependent. Either drama or a good romantic comedy
  • What are your top three favourite TV shows right now? Suits and Game of Thrones but I have to confess, Heartbreak Island is my guilty pleasure
  • What is the most played song on your iTunes? Going to California – Led Zeppelin, Feel It Still – Portugal. The Man and She’s always a woman to me – Billy Joel
  • What did you want to be when you grew up? From a young age I wanted to be a Zoo Keeper (HA!) but ever since I was 16 I knew I wanted to work in PR
  • Who do you look to for style inspo? My clients 😊
  • What concert / event are you most looking forward to? Splore 2019 (only ticket I have at the moment!)
  • Where do you most want to visit in the world? Next on the list is Peru and the rest of South America
  • What is your favourite travel souvenir? I keep almost everything when travelling, tickets, brochures, wristbands etc so I can make a scrapbook
  • How will you be spending next major public holiday? I plan on digging into my garden (weather dependent) and catching up with friends
  • What was your favourite subject at school? English and design
  • What country has the best cuisine and why? Definitely Thailand. I practically lived off Tom Yum soup for the whole month I visited
  • Where is the best beach in Auckland? Having lived out West all my life I’d have to say Piha or Muriwai