Find yourself quickly amassing an online following and want to get on the PR lists of some of your favourite brands? Or are you just generally curious about how social media influencers are seemingly sent cans on cans of Bondi Sands for free?

We’re pulling back the curtain and unlocking the secrets on how brands and influencers find each other in the crazy, fast-paced world of social media marketing #collab.

1. Bio, baby!
There’s more to an Insta bio than meets the eye. The trick is to get personal – share your first and last name (because it might be missing from your handle). There’s nothing worse for a PR than having to slide into the DMs with a: “Hi crazy4c0uture”.

Beyond an inspirational quote and carefully curated emojis, also include your location and email to ensure all invites make it into the right hands. You wouldn’t want to miss out on events like these, would you?

2. Share what you like and like what you share…
Stay “on brand”. Turn down offers that don’t match your unique ~aesthetic~ and show those you’re actually interested in collaborating with what you’re all about. Sugar Bear Hair selfie and all.

3. Don’t shy from showing the stats
PRs may be wordsmiths but deep down, it’s all about the numbers. Ensure you have an Instagram Creator Account (instructions here) to capture all the relevant insights – including detailed growth data, audience demographics and more. They’re proof of all your hard work and are what we use to get campaigns across the line with our pals in marketing, so be sure to flaunt them pronto.

4. Easy come, easy go
Make working together a breeze. While the ‘gram might account for 99% of your screen time report, check your emails throughout the day and be responsive. Ensure you’re true to your word and keep good on all posts and promises.

If you RSVP to an event but can’t make it in the end, no dramas. We understand that life happens but be sure to let us know. A lot of work goes on behind the scenes and there’s nothing worse than a no-show plus it’s just good manners.

Now you know how to work with PRs, but is your content a little lacking? Check out our top spots for an Instagram shoot in Auckland.