Mecca Maxima madness spreads through the makeup masses in Wellington

Undertow Media was on the ground as the second Mecca Maxima was unleashed on the country’s capital city.

Taking ‘wake up and makeup’ to a whole new level, a masse sleepover featuring board games and very patient boyfriends saw beauty junkies wait 24 hours in line to ensure first access to the cult beauty juggernaut’s first North Island store. Read More

Media drives ‘open sesame’ moment for Alibaba in NZ

Undertow leads media expedition to explore the inner sanctum of a tech giant

China is the world’s second largest economy and most populous country in the world. Its sizeable and growing middle class offers significant opportunities for New Zealand SMEs and, with upgrades to the China New Zealand FTA on the horizon, the time was ripe to drive awareness and clarity around the Alibaba offering.

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