Simon says – free burgers!

Making a media splash with a concept that is as simple as saying ‘Simon’

When do you ever see burgers land in a primetime TV slot? Pretty much never, right? Enter Undertow Media’s Simon Says campaign plan. Better Burger decided to beef up (pun entirely intended) their menu and add even more epic hacks. We knew it would be the perfect opp to drive grassroots engagement and pique media interest, but it needed to be fun, people-driven and inclusive to make sure those burgers really hit the (media) spot. Read More

Taking pleasure in measure(ment)

The new checks and balances you need to consider in the ever-evolving digital age

Industry critics and insiders alike have long lamented the Micky Mouse metrics like AVE (Advertising Value Equivalent) and OTS (Opportunity to See) that so many public relations practitioners cling onto so dearly. Indeed, AVE’s ubiquity is its only redeeming quality. Clients understand it, it’s a staple of communication schools’ curriculums, and above all, it’s easily quantifiable in a tidy Excel doc. Read More

All hail the short break!

Choice Hotels’ new research makes it official – we all need to take more short breaks to support our physical and mental wellbeing   

When was the last time you took a short break?

You know, the type where you pack up the car on a Friday night and grab your friends/partner/family/dog (or simply a good book) and spend a couple of nights in a different town indulging in some ‘me’ time. The kind of weekend where you explore on Saturday, have a few too many wines with dinner, sleep in on Sunday morning then enjoy a leisurely brunch before slowly making your way back home feeling refreshed, calm and happy. Maybe even a little loved up.

The answer is probably too long ago, right?

When it came to light that four out of five Kiwis want to take more breaks but are ‘too busy being busy,’ we set out to help our friends at Choice Hotels put an end to this madness. It was time to celebrate the mass benefits of the humble short break, and thus, was born.

To support the launch of Choice’s new online platform – a website created to enable and inspire Kiwis to plan much-needed short breaks – Undertow Media embarked on a unique campaign to communicate the various findings of the ‘Need a Break’ research report* and inspire people to take action towards achieving a healthier work/life balance.

The research found that short breaks are an excellent way to alleviate tension, and were actually the number one option for Kiwis to relieve stress. We all know that time out from the daily grind is important, but what we didn’t know was that short breaks (just 1-3 nights away) boast the same mental health benefits as a longer holiday. It’s just a bonus that the planning process is often cheaper, easier and more spontaneous!

With this in mind, we devised a strategy to stagger announcements exploring various angles of the research, in order to position Choice Hotels as the champion of short breaks in New Zealand and create repeated exposure to the brand across a 12-week period.

We supported these announcements with targeted giveaways to maximise media exposure and drive broadcast coverage. These giveaways allowed the winner to book a trip for two through, with the winner able to choose the destination and experience the benefits of using the new website.

Finally, we enlisted the support of an ambassador who epitomises health and wellness – the lovely Makaia Carr. Makaia, one of NZ’s most respected wellness advocates, was the perfect vehicle to communicate the research findings and key messages to the campaign’s core target audience of females aged 30 – 55 years.

We stirred conversation with stats such as ‘the average Kiwi took only two short breaks in 2016,40 per cent of us admit to remaining connected to work while on a short break, and 16% of Aussie men, compared with 11% of Kiwi men, claim sex is the best form of stress release and secured coverage in NZ’s top media including TVNZ Breakfast, NZ Herald – Travel, NZ Herald – Business, The Hits morning show, Radio Live, Good Health Choices, The Rock’s Morning Rumble and more.

Undertow Media’s multi-pronged strategy came together in harmony and the results speak for themselves. Over five million opportunities to be seen across TV, radio, social, online and print media, and one very happy client.

*The ‘Need A Break’ report was commissioned by Choice Hotels Asia-Pac via First Point Research & Consulting using an online survey method. This survey was completed by more than 1002 New Zealand and 1048 Australian consumers in March 2017

Meet the team: Shannon Pentecost

Self-confessed clean freak and Tom Yum Soup guru, Account Executive Shannon joined Undertow Media fresh off a jaunt overseas which saw her cut her teeth at Porsche in Dubai.

Working in such a fast-paced, high-energy environment has put Shannon in good stead to dive fearlessly into concepts, strategies and campaigns for her current clients. Shannon is a pro when it comes to seeking out opps and making new friends across both the traditional and influencer realms daily.

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Influencer relationships; a discussion on measuring value

Undertow’s tips on how to build a measurable and successful influencer relationship.

As the world of marcomms continues to grow it is only recently that we have become able to refine, improve and learn from the influencer relationships created across past projects that have used engagement with social media influencers to market and talk about our clients. Read More

Freedom Furniture media event October 2015

Undertow Media created a polished presentation for the Summer collection range by Freedom Furniture to court and entice media.

As well as getting their hands dirty with a DIY potting station full of strawberries and herbs, lifestyle and design media enjoyed an insight into the trends for AW at our recent Freedom Furniture media showing.

Ponsonby Central’s Sapphire Room was the perfect canvas for the key looks to be presented

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Social media: The ones to watch

Instagram profiles of worth; Undertow Media does the stalking, so you don’t have to 

It’s our job to know who is in as well as who is on the rise and worth keeping on the radar. As such, we thought we would round up a hit-list of Instagram accounts we think are at the top of their game.

Find out which individuals, companies and collaborations are catching our eagle eyes at present.

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Undertow Likes: PR Trends in New Zealand

Current trends for 2015 – 2016; what we’re seeing and why they matter

Go digital, go mobile or go home.

This is not a new trend but it is worth remembering and accepting that as the world around us gets faster messages of all forms must keep up, meaning brands now more than ever must stay on top of how people are consuming information and develop accordingly. Read More