Memo to new graduates from a rising star

It’s been almost two years since Account Executive, Shannon Pentecost, graduated from University and joined the big league in the field of Public Relations (PR).

From the outside, people usually perceive PR to be a glamourous job, full of stylish events and the opportunity to work with some top brands – who can forget Heidi Montag from The Hills aspiring for PR domination? Read More

How to delight audiences in the day of ‘digital well-being’

Why people are breaking up with their smartphones and stepping back from social (and what it means for PR pros)

Nearly ten years on from the iPhone’s 2007 introduction, no aspect of how we interact with each other or the world around us has been left unchanged. However, these changes, though rapid, have occurred incrementally, and—swept up in the successes of our own innovation—without much thought for their implications. Read More