Simon says – free burgers!

Making a media splash with a concept that is as simple as saying ‘Simon’

When do you ever see burgers land in a primetime TV slot? Pretty much never, right? Enter Undertow Media’s Simon Says campaign plan. Better Burger decided to beef up (pun entirely intended) their menu and add even more epic hacks. We knew it would be the perfect opp to drive grassroots engagement and pique media interest, but it needed to be fun, people-driven and inclusive to make sure those burgers really hit the (media) spot. Read More

Taking pleasure in measure(ment)

The new checks and balances you need to consider in the ever-evolving digital age

Industry critics and insiders alike have long lamented the Micky Mouse metrics like AVE (Advertising Value Equivalent) and OTS (Opportunity to See) that so many public relations practitioners cling onto so dearly. Indeed, AVE’s ubiquity is its only redeeming quality. Clients understand it, it’s a staple of communication schools’ curriculums, and above all, it’s easily quantifiable in a tidy Excel doc. Read More