Taking pleasure in measure(ment)

The new checks and balances you need to consider in the ever-evolving digital age

Industry critics and insiders alike have long lamented the Micky Mouse metrics like AVE (Advertising Value Equivalent) and OTS (Opportunity to See) that so many public relations practitioners cling onto so dearly. Indeed, AVE’s ubiquity is its only redeeming quality. Clients understand it, it’s a staple of communication schools’ curriculums, and above all, it’s easily quantifiable in a tidy Excel doc. Read More

Meet the team: Shannon Pentecost

Self-confessed clean freak and Tom Yum Soup guru, Account Executive Shannon joined Undertow Media fresh off a jaunt overseas which saw her cut her teeth at Porsche in Dubai.

Working in such a fast-paced, high-energy environment has put Shannon in good stead to dive fearlessly into concepts, strategies and campaigns for her current clients. Shannon is a pro when it comes to seeking out opps and making new friends across both the traditional and influencer realms daily.

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